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About Us

Transwiz is the decentralized investing and lending platform. Through smart contracts, blockchain technology provides a groundbreaking opportunities for overseas investors to invest in local business.

All information provided on the platform is verified and immutable, enabling investors the ability to review and evaluate a borrower's profile and credit history to support their decision to invest in that company.

Accept the traditional investment and cryptocurrency
Interest rate on average more than 20% per annum
Short term loan agreement at 60-120 days
Negotiable pay back period both principal and
interest (daily, weekly, and monthly)
Loan terms can be negotiated and agreed on Smart contract
Marketplace for Lenders and Borrowers
Credit Scoring System and Bonus Program
Buy Credit Guarantee as option to protect your investment

In recent years, micro-lending has become a popular method of investing. And in many developing countries, micro-lending has become the driving force of the local economy. If you are looking to support local entrepreneurs in financial need, and desire to potentially earn double-digit returns, join and partner with us. Our goal is simple: become the leader in micro-lending globally!

The Transwiz team,  is committed to providing a secure, easy to use P2P lending platform powered by cutting edge blockchain technology. We want partners to feel secure and enjoy investing in local businesses. Transwiz, offers a global cross-border platform for investors, the opportunity to ‘Analyze and Select,’ a wide range of business opportunities from the risk-averse to being an adventurous investors.

Our commitment to support local business owners by providing solutions and tools for finance services otherwise difficult to access, while ensuring a secure and easy to use platform for both the borrower and investors. The Transwiz credit scoring system is designed to rate the performance and  monitoring the financial activities of borrower, so the investor can review and evaluate a borrower’s profile and their credit history before a decision to invest.

We believe a mutual partnership in good faith will benefit both the Lender and receipient

Story of Transwiz

How it works

Investors can make a profit by investing in local businesses listed on Transwiz



Choose the right business, review the business history, credit score, and terms.



Select the right opportunity, and monitor your investment daily.



Receive daily payouts on principle and interest

Your Stories

"I was able to pay off debt. Now my life gets better. I am thankful for the fund I received"

The Butcher

Your Stories

"We really appreciate the fund you gave to us. Without your support, we would not be able to run the business as we are now"

Nook Durian Vendir, Tha It Market

Your Stories

"Thanks to all investors for helping our life to be better. Please continue to support us"

Lek, Beverage seller, Bang Kra Sor, Nonthaburi

Meet the team

The strength of our team lies in their differences and varied experiences. Individuals who came from a variety of backgrounds with wonderful expertise and valuable experiences create and develop innovative ideas providing the foundation for a strong team in our organization.

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Who will be my borrowers?

There are 2 ways for investors to invest in the Transwiz platform: First, investors can select borrowers from our market place with acceptable interest rate. Second, invest directly with Transwiz and we will manage the investment for you, including selection of borrowers. However, this choice may give you lower interest rates than the first one.

How would I be able to check background and information of borrowers?

You can check each borrower information before you make invesment decision in our platform. In addition, we have a built-in credit scoring system which will make investment decisions easier.

What are the minimum credit requirements to receive a loan?

Transwiz has credit score system and requirement of borrowers to be eligible to receive the desired loans.

How do I make payment for loan?

We suggest you to make payment with cryptocurrency directly to us as first and easy option. Second option would be bank transfer to our bank account.

Is there limitation for numbers of investment you give out?

There is no limit to the number of investments you can make on our platform. It will entirely depend on the number of investment choices that you would like to make.

Who can invest?

Anyone whose country of residence allows lending to another individual of legal status.

What is the default rate?

2.5% based of our up-to-date records

Can I cancel my investment before the end of the investment period?

At this phase, you cannot cancel the investment before the end of the investment period. However, you can receive your principal and interest back on a daily basis. In coming phase, you will be able to sell your investment in the market place.

How do investors select which loan to invest in?

You can choose your borrower from our market place which has been screened and recommended by Transwiz. You can also let Transwiz handle your investment and select a suitable borrower on your behalf. Both options have different terms and conditions and you can contact us for more information.

Is there a portfolio for borrowers?

Yes, and this is displayed in the market place section of our platform.

Is there maximum investment amount for individual investor?

There is no maximum amount for investments, however this will depend on the availability of borrowers on the platform.

How long can I lend my money out for?

Each loan has different terms and period of loan based on individual borrower's needs. You can find some which mostly match with your requirement in the market place section in our platform.

How does Transwiz decide whom to give a loan?

There are many factors that affect Transwiz’s lending decisions such as verified personal information, verified business information, on-site visits, and interviews.

How are payments credited to the investors?

The Transwiz team will manage payments from borrowers and these will be credited to the investors in the form of tokens in their respective wallets. Investors can easily withdraw these tokens as cryptocurrency or through a bank account.

Are my earnings taxable?

This will depend on the governing tax laws and regulations of the investor’s country of residence.

What happens if a borrower can't repay the loan? Or What happens if a borrower files for bankruptcy? Or What happens if a borrower died?

If the borrower was selected by Transwiz for you, Transwiz will cover your investment fully. If the borrower was chosen by you, there is unfortunately a risk of incurring a loss. However, the Transwiz platform has decided to reduce the risk of loss in some cases. For example, instead of investing into one borrower, you may invest in terms of investment unit. One borrower may have many investment units depending on how much money he/she needs. You may buy investment units from 3-4 borrowers to reduce your risk. In addition, you can buy principal insurance from our platform which will guarantee your principal up to 80-90%.

Package Information

You can find investment package information in the market place section of our platform. This will vary depending on the borrowers’ offer/requirement.

Can I use cryptocurrency to make the investment ? How ?

Yes, that is main medium to fund. You can transfer your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum to our designated accounts to buy our token easily. After you get our token, then you can make your investment.

When should I get the tokens if I decide to buy it?

Transwiz will update the system 2 times a day which is 10 am and 4pm on GMT+7 time zone and your purchase will be updated accordingly.

Type of Investment

Transwiz has 2 choices of investment for you, either you can select your borrower in the market place, or you can invest in us directly.


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